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Story of a train doctor

Featuring Geoff Moss, who was in charge of the day-to-day running of electric trams from April 1977 through to July 1986 and now an active volunteer with the Australian Railway Heritage Society, NSW Division based in Redfern.

Railway Life and Song

Featuring Brian Dunnett, and Mark Gregory this audio documentary focuses on working life at Eveleigh, the role and influence of music, and the cultural contribution of railway songs.

Liz Weiss’s Story

Her grandfather William Frederick Barnes began at Eveleigh as a fitter in 1911 and retired as Works Manger in 1943, after 32 years of service.

Alan Read’s Story

At an Open Day, Alan and George attended a tour of the old Eveleigh Railway Workshops and were introduced to the 3801 Limited team.

Joan Lawrence’s Story

Joan’s brother, Henry Behrmann worked at Eveleigh.

Nerida’s Story

Nerida’s family has a long association with the railways - her grandfather, father and an uncle all worked for the NSW Department of Railways.

Alan Cavenagh’s Story

Alan Cavenagh recalls the Christmas Eve celebrations in his time as Works Manager at Eveleigh.

Libby Cavenagh’s Story

Libby’s husband Alan Cavenagh became Works Manager of Eveleigh in 1984.

Ian Young’s Story

Ian’s family has a long connection with the Eveleigh Workshops.

Eric Finigan & Neil Ryan’s Story

Eric Finigan and Neil Ryan attended an ATP Open Day in May 2015.


  • 1855

    On 16 August, James Sinclair Taylor McGowen is born aboard the ship Western Bride, prior to his family’s arrival in Melbourne.

  • 1867

    J.S.T. McGowen’s family moves to NSW.

  • 1873

    J.S.T. McGowen joins the United Society of Boilermakers and Iron Shipbuilders.

  • 1873

    Between 1873 and 1874 J.S.T. McGowen is involved in the iron trades’ strike.

  • 1875

    Between 1875 and 1891 J.S.T. McGowen works as a boilermaker, initially at Redfern Railway Workshops (Devonshire St) and later at Eveleigh.

  • 1891

    J.S.T. McGowen wins a seat in Redfern. McGowen continues to represent Redfern in NSW parliament until 1917.

  • 1894

    Following the 1894 elections, the Labor Party elects J.S.T. McGowen as the leader of the NSW parliamentary party.

  • 1901

    J.S.T. McGowen narrowly loses election for the federal seat of South Sydney.

  • 1910

    Following his electoral win, JST McGowen becomes NSW Premier.

  • 1911

    J.S.T. McGowen represents the Labor Party at the coronation of George V in London.


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