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Margaret McGowan's Story

Margaret remembers her father, Alan Jackson, working as a fitter and turner at Eveleigh.

Sister Mary Agnes Lions

Sister Lions was the Senior Industrial Nurse at Eveleigh between 1947 and 1968. Like William McKell, J.J. Cahill and J.S.T Mcgown, she was inspired by the hard conditions at Eveleigh to enter politics and try to improve worker’s conditions for workers.

Old Smoothie - John Joseph Cahill

John Joseph Cahill, an Eveleigh man was the Premier of NSW from 1952 until 1959 when he had a heart attack in the Parliament defending a no confidence motion.

Honest Jim – J.S.T McGowen

James Sinclair Taylor McGowen was a boilermaker at Eveleigh. He went on to become the 18th Premier of New South Wales and the State’s first Labor Premier. He represented the seat and people of Redfern from 1891 to 1917.


  • 1913

    J.S.T. McGowen tries to settle a strike of gas workers by warning them that he will allow 'free workers' to take their jobs: a decision that goes against the grain of his whole career, reflecting his weakening health and failing concentration, and appalling the labour movement. Holman replaces McGowen as NSW Premier on 30 June.

  • 1916

    J.S.T. McGowen announces he is pro-conscription, defying the official stance of the Labor Party and leading to his expulsion from the party.

  • 1922

    J.S.T. McGowen dies of heart disease on 7 April and is buried in the Anglican section of Rookwood Cemetery. A cenotaph is dedicated for J.S.T. McGowen at St Paul's Church, Redfern in November.


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