Working life

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  • 1932

    Premier Jack Lang abolishes the card and bonus systems in the NSW Railways that was introduced following the General Strike.

  • 1934

    Premier Jack Lang speaks to supporters outside the Eveleigh Railway Workshops.

  • 1941

    William McKell, a former boiler maker, becomes Premier of NSW.

  • 1942

    Eileen Powell, the union organiser for Railway Refreshment Room staff joins with Jack Fergurson, the ARU secretary, before the Equal Pay Conference to argue that women who replace men should be paid the male rate.

  • 1947

    William McKell becomes Governor-General of Australia, having previously worked at Eveleigh as a boilermaker.

  • 1954

    Governor-General's carriage is used by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip during the royal visit to Australia.

  • 1976

    Workers are still washing in buckets three times a day.

  • 1986

    Works Manager's Office is the main timekeeper’s and administration office for the workshop from 1887 to 1986.

  • 1987

    The bell on the Works Manager's & Timekeeper's Office is restored at Eveleigh by Bay 1 tradesmen and reinstated above the office.

  • 1992

    The Governor-General's carriage is donated to the Powerhouse Museum.


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