Working life

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  • 1901

    Construction of the Governor-General's Carriage is completed at Eveleigh (final cost is £6,475). On 17 May the carriage has its first run.

  • 1901

    The Governor-General's carriage is used by the Duke (later King George V) and Duchess of Cornwall and York during their visit between May and July 1901.

  • 1910

    Indoor toilets are installed at Eveleigh in workshops as a result of union negotiations.

  • 1915

    Between 1915 and 1917, 21 strikes occur at Eveleigh Railway Workshops in protest at poor working conditions.

  • 1917

    On 2 August the General Strike starts at Eveleigh Railway Workshops following the introduction of the Taylor Card system to increase worker productivity. The General Strike extends across Eastern Australia and ultimately involves 97,000 workers. Replacement labourers are drawn from the country and join with private school boys to operate the railways. Strike breakers, known as 'Loyalists' camp at Sydney Cricket Ground and Taronga Zoo.

  • 1917

    On 8 September the General Strike ends after 82 days. Strikers are sacked and become known as 'Lily Whites'.

  • 1920

    The Governor-General's carriage is used by the Prince of Wales when he lays the foundation stone of Parliament House in Canberra.

  • 1923

    Australian Railways Union (ARU) Shop Committee is established at Eveleigh Railway Workshops.

  • 1925

    NSW Premier Jack Lang upholds his pledge to restore General Strikers’ positions.

  • 1927

    The Governor-General's carriage is used by the Duke and Duchess of York when they visit Australia to open Federal Parliament.


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