The paddocks

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  • 1855

    The first Redfern Station opens, on Cleveland paddocks. It is the first station in Sydney and includes the first Sydney railway workshops, called Redfern Railway Yard.

  • 1874

    Sydney’s second terminus, also called Redfern Station, opens in the same location as the first Redfern Station.

  • 1875

    Following the establishment of the rail line in 1855, and the construction of Eveleigh Railway Workshops from 1875, Redfern was heavily subdivided and developed to provide workers’ housing.

  • 1878

    Resumption of Eveleigh Railway Workshops site (Chisholm's Estate) commences.

  • 1878

    The first Eveleigh Station (sometimes described as Eveleigh Platform) opens approximately 1.3 km west of the original terminus and in the approximate location of the current Illawarra train dive.

  • 1879

    Parliament agrees on a price for Chisholm’s Estate of £100,000.

  • 1879

    A temporary tramline is built from Redfern Street, along Elizabeth Street to Hunter Street for the Garden Palace International Exhibition. The steam tram begins running.

  • 1880

    The Chisholm Estate is exchanged and made available for railway purposes.

  • 1880

    Parliament agrees the £250,000 cost for Eveleigh Railway Workshops construction.

  • 1882

    Redfern Railway Terminus becomes the first place in Sydney permanently lit by electricity.


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