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  • 1885

    The second Eveleigh Station (and fourth station built in Redfern) is opened to service the Eveleigh Railway Workshops. It remains to this day Redfern Station, renamed when Central was opened in 1906. The opening in 1884 was due to the need to have a junction and change station between the Main West and the Illawarra lines. The amplification of Redfern Station in 1891, 1912, 1922 and 1979 was a result of increases in the number of tracks passing through the station.

  • 1906

    Central Station terminus is completed and the first platforms open on 4 August. The old Redfern terminus station is demolished on August 6 and the former Eveleigh Station renamed Redfern Station.

  • 1916

    Construction starts on the second stage of Central Station, including the clock tower and upper levels, and is completed in 1921.


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