Evolving Eveleigh

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  • 1887

    Chief Mechanical Engineer's Office completed.

  • 1887

    Eveleigh Railway Workshops complex at Redfern is completed.

  • 1888

    The Railway Institute is set up in the north-east corner of the original Sydney yard.

  • 1891

    Railway and Tramway Institute is launched, providing internal training and a continuous supply of skilled workers.

  • 1892

    McDonaldtown Gasworks commences operations. The gasworks produce gas for the lighting of railway carriages and the Eveleigh Railway Workshops until 1958.

  • 1900

    On 23 December electric trams replace steam trams in Sydney.

  • 1904

    A Royal Commission recommends locomotive construction at Eveleigh Railway Workshops to counteract inadequate rolling stock supply and calls for local manufacturing for the good of the community.

  • 1905

    The 15 March marks the opening of Ultimo Power station, owned by the Railway and Tramway Department it makes electric power available to the workshop.

  • 1907

    With commissioning of the New Locomotive Workshop (now National Innovation Centre), Eveleigh commences manufacturing of steam locomotives.

  • 1912

    Circa 1912 the Communications Equipment Workshop is completed at North Eveleigh.


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